The transfer of non-visual experiences


The contemporary culture is founded on visual messages, overwhelming with visual incentives, aiming at spectacular effects and constantly stimulating the spectator. The Non-Visual Theatre stands in opposition to this trend and offers a new look at the wide ranges of contemporariness in consideration with The Aesthetics of Disappearance, the famous book by Paul Virilio, a French philosopher writing about interrupted reception of contemporary art

The original vision of The Non-Visual Theatre consists of elements of radio play and theatre drama. The intervals of the spectator’s realistic ‘not-being’, built upon the non-visual participation in an artistic event, make it possible to tear the classic culture out of the interpretative stereotypes. The audience of The Non-Visual Theatre is taken into darkness and an expanded sound space, being provoked to creating an own interpretation of a play and made specifically aware of participating in art. The stereotypical scheme of theatre’s perception as a passive contemplation is reduced or even eliminated and the attention is given to sound impressions. This way the imagination of the audience is awarded the state of sensual synaesthesia

The Non-Visual Theatre presents the dramaturgy of a performance in an innovative way, free from interpretative stereotypes that are typical for visual theatre performance and its fossilised stage representations. The innovative form is also supposed to encourage the audience to participate in art that is not only the act of understanding and intellectually analysing, but is also built upon a real experience – naturally immersive – engaging other senses too, not only the sight.

This kind of perception of the classical unities gives the opportunity for a more intimate and special insight to the performance. Where the stage image ends, begins the play of sound, imagination and common experiencing of a space.

The Non-Visual Theatre had its first premiere in 2020 and is the continuation of the performances presented from 2015 as The Theatre in the Dark.

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